NextGen Latin America Commerce

What can LATAMCO LLC do for you?

LATAMCO knows how to bring products and services to Latin America, and positions companies to successfully do business in these emerging markets. Our services include:
  • Industry Research Utilizing market, industry-related, and economic research, LATAMCO will help you understand Latin American businesses and consumers, offering knowledge on population, demographics, income, and per capita spending.
  • Market-Entry Strategy When expanding your business to export products or services to different countries, it is important to make an informed business decision. LATAMCO can provide you with the right information to enable you to create a targeted and strategic market-entry plan.
  • Multi-Cultural Training American and Latin American linguistics, business environments, economies, and cultural nuances can be vastly different. LATAMCO is familiar with the intricacies of both cultures and can help you seamlessly communicate and transact business between both regions.
  • Certifications Due to the regulations imposedsome governments, LATAMCO specializes in compliance services for technology products – such as radio telecom, and EMC – being exported to and from Latin America and the United States.
  • Sales Channels The rules for sales and distribution are different in Latin America as in any other part of the world. Companies want to build direct, long-term relationships with businesses, industry leaders, and consumers. LATAMCO will help you gain entry into a particular market or industry.
  • Customer Service Excellent customer service can set your company apart in the Latin American marketplace. LATAMCO will provide you with the strategy to manage the customer experience, build loyalty, and create ongoing sales.
  • Shipping & Export Documentation Each country in Latin America has its own unique set of import/export rules, regulations, and trade agreements. LATAMCO understands these procedures and documentation requirements and will help you navigate the details for each region.
  • Product Pricing Strategy Pricing concerns can include developing a competitive pricing, new-product pricing, price structure, and value-added pricing to name a few. LATAMCO will address the cultural and economic issues necessary for you to create an effective pricing strategy for your products and services.
  • Marketing Platforms Home to 640 million consumers, Latin America is passionate about social media and blogging, even more so than Americans. LATAMCO knows the culture and best marketing practices, adding marketing valuereaching out to your customers through a wide range of channels and platforms.
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