NextGen Latin America Commerce


Mike Roy is the founder and CEO of LATAMCO. He is an international sales professional who has successfully led trade across Latin America and the United States for 17 years. Born in Peru, and raised in the capital city of Lima, Mike completed his graduate degree in International Commerce and Policy in the Washington D.C. In addition to being a native speaker of Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish and English, Mike also reads and writes in these languages with the highest degree of fluency for more transparent communication with his customer base.

Mike knows how to bridge language and cultural gaps between Latin America and the United States, in order to create mutually-beneficial and long-lasting business relationships. LATAMCO leverages Mike’s network of connections and reputation as a representative for world-class organizations spanning North America and Latin America.

Mike spearheads business relationships between Latin America and the Unites States in many industries, including consumer goods, technology, aviation, military, and mining. That includes market-entry research, redefining marketing messages to appeal to consumers in specific regions, and creating innovative, effective sales strategies that align with local customs and mores. His expertise spans channel distribution, direct sales, e-commerce and retail sales. 

Contact Mike today to discover how he can help you make your mark in Latin America and United States.

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