Bienvenido – Welcome – Benvindo

From the numerous Spanish language dialects to the Brazilian Portuguese ones…

It will be a pleasure to work with you and your company as you initiate your business journey into the Latin American marketplace.

This blog is going to serve as a means to educate my customers about Latin America’s economics, politics and cultures. Specifically, how these three elements intertwine to set the stage for the execution of profitable sales and effective marketing strategies throughout this growing marketplace.

Latin America is a part of world that is steeped in history, religion, culture, geography and languages. From Francisco Pizarro to Che Guevara, Catholicism to Santeria, from Soccer to Carnaval, the Amazon Jungle to the Atacama Desert and finally, from the numerous Spanish dialects to Brazilian Portuguese language. All of these elements create a unique learning platform from which one can efficiently navigate and succeed throughout Latin America’s business world.

Additionally, with the objective to provide my readers with a more personal awareness of working in Latin America, in this blog, I intend to share many anecdotes about my business experiences, travels, challenges, accomplishments and the business colleagues I have met during the last 30 years while working in Latin America.

Finally, to all of my past and present international colleagues who encouraged me to go into business and represent, consult and educate US and Latin American companies interested in doing business throughout the Americas- thank you! It’s finally happening…bring it on!


Michael D. Roy

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